Cover Your Assets

We work in a creative and demanding industry.  Those who work with homeowners know all too well, that frequently there are changes made by homeowners during the construction process which usually add more to  your costs.  And those costs have to be covered – and not by you!
In this class we’ll talk about the importance of change orders, what they are, when to use them, and look at some exaples of actual documents.
From there we’ll move on to taking a closer look at Preliminary Notices, Letters of Intent and Mechanics Liens and when and how to use them.  Class will finish up with a quick look at an online service for those in construction that can help you navigate the documents you need and timelines that must be followed in order to file these documents.​
REGISTER to attend am class (9-10:20 am.) $15.00 REGISTER to attend full day class(10:30am -4pm) $25.00 which includes: “Cover Your ASSets”, The New Tax Code and YOUR Business, and Using Social Media on the Jobsite to Expand Your Reach.