Group Hypnosis

Hi Friends,

We are hosting a group hypnosis event on Sunday, August 5th at 6 pm and will continue every other week moving forward.

We are very excited to share with you a few different things within the few hours we are together.

What we will be including in these and what you will be a part of is sharing with a talking stick, a healing circle, and a bilateral or singular group hypnosis session. We will go into more detail at the event.

This can be a very powerful event for you as an individual as long as you allow yourself to be open to receiving. There is nothing to prepare for!

You will be around and with other people that are open-minded and willing to connect and share.

If you are interested in coming, GREAT! If you would like to bring a friend or someone that you feel may be in need of a healing or want to experience hypnosis for the first time, please feel free to bring them.

Again, we will explain all details Sunday evening. Please bring a journal to write about your experiences in, blankets, etc for you to be comfortable. We will provide water.

For this event will be accepting donations! If you are interested in being a part of the group, let us know at the event and we will let you know how we will proceed. Our contact information is below.

We welcome you all!

Please, I ask everyone to let us know if you will be attending as a group is only good when we are a group!

Phone: 304-885-0093.
You are welcome to message us on FB also!