Natural Stone and Green Design

This one-hour presentation is intended to explain how natural stone fits into the Green movement. The stone industry continues to reduce environmental impacts through technology advancements and responsible manufacturing and shipping processes. We will discuss historical uses of natural stone that have stood the test of time. You will see examples of how key characteristics of stone such as its life cycle and carbon footprint satisfy elements of green building standards.
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the characteristics of natural stone and its historical uses.
  • Understand how natural stone fits into the Green Movement.
  • Understand how natural stone relates to current green building standards.
  • Understand how the natural stone industry is reducing environmental impacts

REGISTER for AM Class(9am-10:15am) $15.00

 REGISTER for All day class(9am-4pm) $25.00

Full Day class includes: Natural Stone and Green Design,Proper Cleaning and Sealing of Pavers and A Deck Surfaced in Natural Stone , Pavers or Porcelain.