Old Opera House’s 11th Annual New Voice Play Festival

The Old Opera House is proud to announce the finalists for the Old Opera House’s 11th Annual New Voice Play Festival.  Each year the Old Opera House asks playwrights from across the country to send us their new one-act plays.  These plays are then read by a panel of judges and four finalists are selected.  The four finalists will be presented on the Old Opera House stage on June 23, 24, and 25.  See all four of these fresh new plays at each performance.

A Fun Twist: the audience gets to play theatre critic for the evening. We ask our patrons to vote for their favorite play of the festival. Following Sunday’s performance, the votes are tallied and the festival winners are announced.

This year’s finalists include:

 As Time Goes By by John L. Martins III – Sierra Vista, AZ      Directed by Amy Hebb

Two married couples; one is full of hope, the other with despair. How will events transpire over the years that will shape their lives and marriages? No need to wait and see. The future is happening now…

Closings by Marcia R. Rudin – Fort Myers, FL                          Directed by Rene Zabel

Extended family dynamics are tumultuous at best, but throw in 2 wives, 2 adult daughters, a Rabbi, an affair; all sprinkled together at a funeral in the South, you have a recipe for disaster. This play takes one family’s relationship trials and puts them on display at the Patriarch’s funeral.

Lovehack by Sander Gusinow – New York, NY                        Directed by John Glymph

David and Molly are two young singles – strangers involved in an even stranger experiment.  During the experiment, the line between being in control and being pawns becomes blurred.  The key to their understanding lies with the mysterious “Researcher”.  However, what they find out might be something that they never wanted to know.

That Time at Black Lake by Vicki Koestler – Alexandria, VA     Directed by Beth Brackett

Amanda and Betsy spent a summer together as tent-mates 20 years ago at a camp on Black Lake. Amanda still carries guilt over an event that took place at that camp and invites Betsy over to clear the air before Amanda marries her fiancé Charles. Over the course of the visit, Charles learns things about Amanda that leave him wondering if he really knows the woman he’s about to marry.