Pup-a-Palooza Plunge! Dog Swim Day

Before we close the pool at Jefferson Memorial Park for the season… it’s going to the dogs! Bring your pups to the pool to swim!

September 7

Cost is $5 per dog.
Register online at www.jcprc.org
Activity #6288

• The pool will be open on September 7 to DOGS ONLY. Humans will not be allowed in the water.
• Lifeguards will be on duty, however this swim is at the dog owner’s own risk.
• Pets may swim during the available, registered timeslots.
• Dogs must bring and owner over 18 and provide proof of current pet immunizations.
• Pet food is not allowed on the pool deck.
• Pets may be off leash on the pool deck, but must be on-leash when not in the fenced area.
• Owners must remain on the pool deck while their pets are on the pool deck.
• Owners are expected to clean-up after their pets.
• Pre-registration is required, so we can plan for the appropriate staff.